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John Granskou, SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM
John Granskou, SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM
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Facebook Paid Advertising Marketing Services

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1. Facebook Paid Advertising

What’s Facebook Paid Advertising? Facebook paid advertising is targeted ads which are either submitted by users or promoted by their friends. These advertisements generally contain a link to a landing page that is optimized for a variety of functions, such as increasing traffic, gaining site visitors or increasing mobile app downloads.

The links are usually called sponsored posts and they may be shared with other Facebook users or clicked on by others. Although, the links in the advertisement are targeted and most of the time, these are generated by an algorithm that Facebook has developed, many advertisers discover that these ads are very targeted and often effective for bringing them more revenue.

There are many things that are considered when generating advertisements such as demographic, location, language and gender. But it is more common to use keywords and keyword phrases that are generally searched by Facebook users, because these are more likely to attract viewers. To avoid wasting your advertisement budget and increase your advertising cost effectiveness, it’s important that you target your advertisements carefully.  For instance, if you want to attract more people in Canada, attempt to target your ads according to certain search terms that are very popular there. Similarly, if you want to drive more people to the United States, attempt to target your ad based on key words that are commonly utilized in the US. Therefore, there are several options for you when choosing the best target country.

The principal benefit of Facebook paid advertising is that this kind of advertisement permits you to reach a broad audience. Unlike other forms of advertising, you can place your advertisement wherever you like, you do not have to worry about how your advertisement is placed, as people can view it from anywhere in the world.

In addition to this, as you can see your advertisement anytime you want, you can correct your advertising campaign to meet your budget and requirements. You also don’t need to pay monthly fees or recurring fees for your advertisement. As stated above, there are many different reasons why Facebook paid advertising is a better choice than traditional advertising, and you can start using it today!

2. Facebook Paid Ads Strategies

How to use Facebook Paid Advertising.  Facebook is possibly the largest and fastest growing social media platform today. The site features a comprehensive ad targeting system, providing you with tons of options to target your specific audience.

But, Facebook Paid Advertisement can be somewhat of a puzzle for the novice or casual internet marketer. If you’re a new online marketer then this article should help you understand the process of using Facebook ads to make money online.

First of all, you will need to create a unique Facebook account that has your business name or logo associated with it. Then you will want to register for a free Facebook Ads account. As soon as you’ve done that, you will then be ready to start creating ads to use on Facebook.

Facebook allows advertisers to create an advertisement for any kind of business, whether that be in apparel, shoes, home products, and even services and digital products. It’s important to be certain that you advertise in your chosen area of specialty so you can get the best results from your advertising campaign.

Second, it’s necessary to learn how to handle your Facebook Ads. It is extremely common for advertising campaigns to run continuously, especially if you are attempting to get a large sum of money from it.  Be sure that you know how to control your advertising campaigns and schedule the times at which they operate.

Also, you want to make your own ads or use pre-made ones, as this helps you control the message that your ads will relay and it ensures that your campaign runs with a good conversion rate.

Lastly, ensure that you check out the ad reporting tools available to ensure that your ads are working to get the maximum from your ad budget.

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    3. Facebook Paid Advertising Tips

    Facebook Paid Advertising is an option, which enables small business owners to have a higher click through rate for their advertisements. Facebook Sponsored posts are typically promoted posts which receive additional pay-per-click reach. Businesses usually advertise in response to a particular promotion or event.

    You can select the type of ads you want to display based on several factors like content type, keywords, target market, budget, advertising format and others. These are a few tips which might help in deciding which ads you should advertise on Facebook.

    Here are some Facebook Paid Advertising tips:

    When trying out various ads, be sure you see them in a reasonable period of time. It is important to remember that you don’t want to spend a lot of money only to have to cancel an Ad due to low click through rates. Try out different ads with various settings like ad type, keywords, and ads cost.

    Test and monitor your ad. You can check your advertisement rates from a Facebook Ads account, and if it has not reached the required threshold, you can re-do the ad and try again.

    Sometimes, the ad you’ve placed may be too specific and not reach its target audience. When choosing the ads to market on Facebook, choose relevant ads that will appeal to your intended audience.

    Always read your ad and make sure you know what the message is all about. Read the ad completely and make sure it accurately portrays the benefits you are offering. Make it interesting enough to get attention, yet clear enough to provide the impression that you’re genuine and authentic.

    Be wary of the wording of your advertisement. You need to make sure that the message you are conveying is correct. Don’t use improper language and tone since these can be offensive or impact the reader negatively. Your readers will become less likely to click on your ad.

    Always have a good idea about the benefits you are offering before you start advertising on Facebook. If you are new to Facebook paid advertising, you might want to browse through the ads that you are interested in before you begin.

    Make your ad interesting and attractive. Place the ad in a region where it’s easy to see, and you’re more likely to get clicks if your ad has a fantastic look.

    Make your ad visible and readable for everyone to see. People like to read and click things on Facebook. Give your ad a catchy name and add a few words that are useful to potential customers, and readers.

    You may create your ads public or private. If you would like to post your advertisement private, make it available only to those with whom you share interests and can trust. If you would like to make your post public, then allow anyone that you want to know you have an ad, and view it.

    Make your ads stand out from the crowd. Place the ads on popular pages on Facebook where people go to read up on updates, discussions and other stuff. Your advertisements will be noticed.

    Use color, graphics and videos to draw attention to your ad. You can create your own ad, or you can hire professionals who can create attractive advertisements for you, like IQWaterloo.

    Make your ad interesting by showing pictures or other websites that could entice viewers to click on your ad. The more attention-grabbing your ad, the more it will draw clicks, and the more ROI you can get from it.

    With Facebook paid advertising, you have all the control over how much money you spend on your advertising. And exactly what your ad says. Use IQWaterloo Facebook Paid Advertising Services, and you will see instant results.

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